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Thread: Latest score: Platinum Edition

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    message sent. Dont need finders fee. GL

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    Just picked up 4 Britannia coins with some light scratches for $991 and 1oz heraeus bar new in assay for $1,011. Waiting on some eagles to arrive from apmex tomorrow too

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    The tax is a B&O tax I learned and 1.5% on the dealer premiums on bullion. Their is no sales tax on overall purchases.

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    bought some valcambi one ouncers in assay cards and Credit Suisse one ouncers in plastic with assay papers over the past two weeks for $965-$970 ea.

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    Perth mint sent me an e-mail few days ago. The Lunar ox coin should be available in the coming weeks(maybe this coming week), second in the new lunar series and mintage of 5,000(for comparison. 2020 eagles mintage of 56,500). Comes in a capsule, and new micro engraved technology security feature. If it's around 100-120 over spot will be a good long term value, semi-numismatic coin for sure. Last years first edition was finally sold out a few month's ago and was going for 200 over spot for the last few hundred .

    New fuel cell article as well....

    "Depending on the loading of platinum catalysts in there, demand for 500 000 oz of platinum is potentially in the offing"

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    Pretty happy with this latest score, picked up a tube of 1/10th Britannia's for $2,725 from my local dealer. I'm starting to like fractional coins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TurboLag View Post
    Just saw this post and checked jm and its sold out. I wish I had seen this earlier, I haven't looked at online dealers in a few days since I already ordered over the weekend.
    bought 6000 shares of PPLT today at 83.65 avg. From a high of 84.50 to a low of 81

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    I sold my pplt at 90.79 a week ago waiting for the entire pull back to jump back in...I would like To see as close to 80 as possible...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikko View Post
    bought 6000 shares of PPLT today at 83.65 avg. From a high of 84.50 to a low of 81
    Wow, half a million on what is a relatively minor move. You must be a big player (who treats a million like most here would treat $10K), or one who is perhaps a bit to confident in telling the future, and goes "all in" to easily. I did go big back in March. This is nothing. Hope you are very wealth - 7 figure income and hundreds of millions; but then I would not understand the lack of concern PPLT trading can have on your taxes.....
    “Of all the contrivances for cheating the laboring class of mankind, none has been more effective than that which deludes them with paper money.”Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

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    Added another 6 ounces to the stack. My dealer asked if I wanted some slightly beat up philharmonics and I was literally in full boost the entire drive there. $895 each and couldn't be happier, condition wasn't good and I'm sure that will hurt when I sell but I just want ounces right now.

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