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Thread: Cryptonator Wallet-Is it Safe or Scam?

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    Default Cryptonator Wallet-Is it Safe or Scam?

    Anyone has experience in using Cryptonator wallet? As I was searching for the review, I found cryptonator review article by COINPEDIA where they claim as Cryptonator is really performing well by being both “an exchange” and “the web wallet”. It assists many cryptocurrencies with a quick exchange between them.So how about your views on this? Please do share.

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    Default Cryptonator is safe


    One of the top security features implemented by Cryptonator includes a two-factor authentication security protocol. It involves sending a one-time 6-digit code to the user’s registered number to be allowed access to their accounts. The article in Coinpedia says,
    About 90% of all funds are stored offline and the Cryptonator employees have no access to this money. It decreases the risks of theft. All the traffic on the website is SSL encrypted which makes it harder to hack the wallet website. Another important safety feature is that users have full control over their private keys.

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