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Thread: Crazy Idea - nationalization as a way to (ultimately) balance it out?

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    Default Crazy Idea - nationalization as a way to (ultimately) balance it out?

    Many here are trying to look forward and imagine how all this is going to turn out. I certainly am. (Disclaimer, I’m just some guy, and make no claims to be a prognosticating guru).

    It seems to me that rampant money creation will have to be counterbalanced at some point by nearly equal money destruction. Deliberate destruction, as part of stabilizing what is an inherently unstable phase.

    The money printing side of things is pretty easy to see. This is maybe a good time to scrub social security, but replace it with some age-adjusted UBI. We already have vast swathes of the population dependent upon and early version of UBI. They are beholden to the government for all the kind things they do, and Covid-19 is testing & reinforcing the trait of social docility. Rescue banks, corporations and big companies, reinforcing their dependence upon gov has made big players happy (for the moment), while culling huge numbers of small businesses.

    Much of this seems to have a side-effect of condensing the number of “active” players. I’m starting to wonder if condensing to a few players is a precursor to nationalization. Because that might make it possible to implement a form of deliberate money destruction.

    Bezos is dancing jigs, at the moment. When the commerce of a nation (or the world) starts to flow thru a few pipelines, those pipelines are sitting pretty. Gov prints trillions, spreads to the masses, and it goes into Jeff’s pocket (admittedly simplistic). If government were to impose a mega-wealth tax (hey Jeff, give it all back) not too many people would protest, beyond Jeff. But if he doesn’t get to keep the riches, then he loses almost all incentive to run a business. So may instead of a mega wealth tax, they one day just Nationalize the big businesses as government entities.

    Create trillions, spread it to the masses, collect it by a mess of nationalized core businesses, and then destroy it. The created money stops building up and accumulating in a few pockets across the globe.
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    "Nationalization" is about as close to Communism as Leninism itself ..
    You talk about the growing dependency on the Government and yes you're right yet now we want to close the circuit once and for all and we're all working for / reliant on Momma Gov??
    I'll just keep it simple and say No Thanks ........ There's nothing more innovated, efficient, prosperous and profitable than Capitalism / Private Business ...
    Why ALL the new technology comes from the West and is stolen and slave labor produced by The East.

    Creating and Destroying Currency ......... There's plenty of mechanisms for that already in place.
    Number one place to watch is the Stock Market...... Heard 'em all in, lock the door and light the match ...
    Puff, there goes a couple Trillion in "Currency"

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    In the past, they just revalue... Maybe move a decimal point. Kids would understand that.
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