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Thread: Does The Debt Matter?

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    At the end of the days the cows come home; for individuals, families, towns, cities, counties, states and countries. What will signal the end of the day?
    Inflation is the problem, Our currency is losing value at about 3% a year. Its gradual, but when you look back a few years you will see how prices have increased.
    The good thing is that people generally make more now. If you are retired on a fixed income, you might need to be applying at McDonalds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nergal View Post
    That would be the significant difference between personal and goobermint debt. When in debt personally, the debtor must repay. When the goobermint goes into debt, others down the line must repay.
    What you say worked 40 years ago, today they can't raise interest rates. Interest rates will stay at 0%, because if they raise rates the interest on the debt will take everything the country collects and that still won't do it. Imagine 5% of 28 trillion.

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    Debt can only be paid with more 0% debt. It is impossible to produce enough profit to pay existing debts. We must be responsible for our own debt. The gubberment and crony capitalists not so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ifionlyhadsomegold View Post
    Global Debasement

    The storm many have prepared their whole life, others still for generations. The unprepared and under prepared will bare the brunt.
    Amen (pray)

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