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Thread: FDIC Asking People Not to Panic for Cash

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    Default FDIC Asking People Not to Panic for Cash

    Obviously, they would not do this if there was not also a panic for cash.

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    LOL! When i saw the empty toilet paper racks the first thing that came to me was a bank run. The bankers have a BIG problem right now. Yet, everyday they come on CNBC and say this is not a banking issue. This is a health issue. The banks are strong. LOL!

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    He who panics early, panics best.

    I have been entirely reasonable, and taken only $2,500 out of the bank in cash.

    That's reasonable considering the 100% shutdown by Cuomo.

    Time for another $1,000 maybe.
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    I keep mine in a very, very secure safe. Haven't trusted the banks in a long time. I panicked many years ago. My stacks of freeze dried food, water, firewood, silver, gold, whiskey, TP and cash will get me through . . . . I didn't run out and clear the shelves of TP. That's a stack I added to over time, anticipating a shortage. It's the basics, mon, the basics you need.

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    I can't think of a better way to get people to panic, then to tell them not to panic.

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