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Thread: The FED is Dead?

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    Quote Originally Posted by redraspberry View Post
    Trump is cutting the head off the FED too with the Rothschilds et al in the cabal fall.
    As near as I can tell, Trump is generating significant debt and asking for more. The fed's role and organization may and can change, but America can only "FALL" back to market principles and force. It appears Trump will not permit a "fall". He wants to keep going. Perhaps the "fall', from this height would kill everyone. IDK. But the problem is the abandonment of classic economics.
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    What value did Burisma think to gain by hiring Hunter Biden as a Board member vs ALL other choices?

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    I think there is going to be a global financial reset. The FED is irrelevant at this stage. Do you have all the gold and silver you want?

    And Japan's Abe is a dirty guy with the human trafficking so he is going to go real soon. What better way to get back at your enemies then stick them with bad paper.
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    Yes the Fed is being killed, but before they go, our leaders are going on a credit card binge.

    Wish I could payoff my credit card bill with the same credit card. Every month. That would be the same deal. Except they get higher and higher credit limits.
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