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Thread: Pro's and con's of dipping a toe in the Rhodium market?

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    I've been here prior to when it was $900 and I have witnessed many things. See my join date to the right, Jul 2008, and right now I'm dying after seeing RH rise to nearly $30K and dropping back down again.

    Just look back at Che's comments about jumping out of RH when it was $900 compared to where we are today.

    RH has taken another blow in the month of March again and this time I don't understand why because there is no reason for a sell off other than people trying to take a bit of profit and/or being spooked by past events. But this time things are different and people should look to Bitcoin as an example where that is waiting to explode and not melt backdown to where it was around this time last year at $5K BTC.

    RH is in ultra short supply and even more so than ever!!

    We are not even out of this global pandemic and the mines in SA are yet to start production. Therefore, the prices that we are seeing for all of the PGM's should be meeting the current demand right?
    So, it all depends on demand which we have yet to see, but if demand outstrips supply in a year where there is a huge deficit in PGMs, then the prices should rocket!!!

    That is why most analysts are tipping the PGM sector to see a rapid surge in value over the next 1/2 years, and I think that it would be extremely foolish to dump your RH when we haven't even started to see some form of recovery in the automotive and industrial sectors yet.

    The current price of $22K oz might not be the new $900, but I remember someone saying that RH is still viable for manufacturers at $55K until they manage to find a way of re-designing their manufacturing processes and being able to substitute it with other metals. And that could take sometime.

    So hang on to your RH and pray for $55K which would nearly align it with what we are seeing with BTC today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by motocat View Post
    I don't think gold will ever behave like Rhodium -- which is the reason I have gold for savings. If it did, I would find something else to use for savings. There are a other rare metals you can speculate on that can multiply in value dramatically, also many digital financial products. The trick is being good at guessing which is at low cost now, but sure to explode in value in the not to distant future. Had you known this, you would have held on to the Rhodium (as would have I) -- but no use beating yourself up on this, and if getting rich quick is you thing, look around, many product and stock people claim will soon multiply greatly in value, speculate and have fun with them, just never get tricked in to gambling to much by anyone claiming to have a crystal ball.
    yes, moto, good advice. the would have, could have, should have scenario sometimes is like swallowing rocks though. lol

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    I think that RH should be on parity with and/or above the price of BTC in terms of value when you think about what it's used for and it's scarcity.

    Manufacturers may need to start using it more than ever once the world comes out of lockdown, and the demand is there for it again.

    I pray for $55K RH in 2021/2022.

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    Hi,I have some Rhodium stones, Where would i sell these? Jewelers or collectors. ?
    I also have the rest in pladium and silver, some rose gold as well. its all worth something, just need the right connection to sell it.
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    I hate to be the spelling Nazi, but it is spelled GRAMMAR.
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