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Thread: This stock market rally is not real, but gold sector is going to explode

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamadhiGypsy View Post

    Google "quantitative easing".
    I agree printing is bad.

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    For 50 years we've watched the world-wide credit/life-style bubble build. Humanity reached a time (1971) where is could "trust" itself in terms of personal productivity and wealth.

    2001 was just a dream.

    2007 was just a dream.

    2008 was just a dream.

    We've been pumping and dumping ourselves for long enough to dismiss our dreams.

    I had a dream last night - that 1971, 2007, 2008, were the realities and today is the dream. Half our nation can't economically survive on it's own and pay it's own way. Something has already happened and the FED is covering it. But even the FED can't continue it alone. They NEED the congress to spend more faster. The FED and the Treasury are now "united". They just need congress to move on spending. I can't imagine why it can't get worse - for those with 401ks and debt.
    Who are the righteous? ....Markpti

    What value did Burisma think to gain by hiring Hunter Biden as a Board member vs ALL other choices?

    Those who cannot articulate the other argument do not fully understand their own argument.

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    still waiting for the PM explosion here

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