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Analysts have a terrible record, especially on miners. Check almost any of them, they are almost way higher than what occurs.
Probably this is a result of them listening to management expectations, and these are rarely met, as miners are subject to just a host of concerns, many outside of their control.

I have been dancing around this one with options and so far have luckily made a small amount on its nosedive.

This is a so so company(management etc) with great assets, so well worth investing in.

I just have a hard time seeing it making any money at all in 2024 or the second half of 2023. That means no dividend as their dividend is based on 25% to 35% of normalized earnings.

Other than the gold price, which is not a huge part of companies earnings, the other metals are at 20018- 2019 levels when the stock was around 2.50 or so.

If the world economy goes down some more in next 3 months as oil seems to be trying to tell us ( despite cuts) it could get worse.

I certainly would not sell if I had any, as longer term it should work out, but as an entry point I am not sure all the pain has been worked out of this one. For those that bought it for the once huge dividend I think they may be in for a surprise on the next declaration.

Just IMO and I am ultra conservative, even with my fun money, unless I see a real steal. So I miss 90% of them, so take with a grain of salt.

I am happy to get information, opinions, etc. As for the equity I have a tiny position and an open order significantly lower than current price, perhaps will never get filled. Or maybe...

Mostly have modest positions in commodity etfs. I read your posts summarizing someone who said commodities will have their day but it's not it's time now, so thanks for that as well. Good info.