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Thread: Kitco palladium spot price

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    Default Kitco palladium spot price

    Does anyone know the reason for the discrepancy in the kitco “ask” price For palladium compared to other pm sites? Kitco is showing an ask price of over 2700(USD) whereas others are showing 2400ish.
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    Very weird, right? Looks like they fixed it an hour ago or so. Had me scratching my head early this morning.

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    kitco bid / ask spread is over $100

    bid 1788.00
    ask 1938.00

    +42.00, +2.41%

    June 15, 2022

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    1/2 percent spread with PALL. That's my trading vehicle. The only question now, is with over 20% gain from a few days ago (with palladium to gold ratio over 1:1), is it now time to sell, or are we on the way to $3K again?
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    I have some palladium pool - was going to increase it with the gold 4 palladium trade - and I'm holding it. I don't know if 3k is in the cards or not but I think higher, at least long term if nothing else.

    I might be a contrarian indicator though so put that in the mix when deciding on taking profits or not.

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    Default Pall

    Off hand 3000 Pd is not likely headed to recession. but Move the stop to 186 (50MA) and let it run. If it works on a cup....with the resistances and support.

    On the weekly for spot Pd sitting right at resistance of the 50WMA. with down-sloping volume. the Ukraine thing is dissipating. Maybe the Chinese are getting Pd direct at a discount.

    the commodity channel comes from the monthly chart back to 2014 with a slope through the Ukraine head and shoulders quite by coincidence...but probably not coincidental.

    off to mend some of my fences.....
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