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Thread: Posting pictures from FaceBook

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    Default Posting pictures from FaceBook

    You use to be able to get the image info and copy that to the url field and uncheck the get remote file data and the picture would post. Now the FB urls are like this and no longer work for images here.

    I've tried cutting off after the jpg extension but that doesn't work either.

    This is the raw link with two spaces after the https: so it will show up here.

    https :// g?_nc_cat=109&_nc_oc=AQm6t00PXITPGTDBWcFqi3YuKCTaW z07Q6X5Q49apUkYL8s9Bj3a1oQHYXTVJ5CxQOo&_nc_ht=scon tent-ort2-2.xx&oh=58b6c48d61bef3ce38a8ebf127c54e42&oe=5E5EB0 C5
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