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Thread: Trump impeachment action a "waste of time" says Gerald Celente

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    It is good to disconnect from politics, but so it seems, in the political threads, you can always find some common grounded like minded others (I think you can). I find the rhetoric just gets so ridiculous, and I have a hard time grasping the complexity and narcissist temperaments we find in many leaders who are experts at believing and telling lies. I do appreciate all of our knowledgeable political, geo-political, seasoned and intelligent commenters we have out here.
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    I’ve always found the differences to be:

    1. While the Republican politicians are honest about being well off and supporting corporations, Democrats lie about they’re commoners and are against the fat cats.

    2. While Democrat politicians are honest about giving cash away because we can print more, Republicans lie about trying to reign in spending while they print more.

    I read a book once that said a significant amount of car salesmen eventually got out of the business or self destruct because they couldn’t stand constantly lying to people as a job. A tiny portion balanced it with a level of honesty. What was left was sociopaths. While I have no opinion as to the accuracy of this claim, it may very well best describe politicians.

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