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Thread: Water is the most important commodity

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    We didn't hit the aquifer till we got down to 110 feet, once we started drilling up little fossilized seashells, snails and pea gravel, we stopped at 160 feet in the better well. We can pull out 30 gallons a minute if we want. IOW after caseing the newer well and letting it sit for awile, the static pressure of the water line was less than 40 feet. But when pulling water quickly the ststic will drop to about 60 feet and hold steady. Threw out the years the static has varied 40 to 50 feet.

    I can use our wind pump, hand jack, well bucket or a small cheap DC electric pump on 300 watts of solar power and two 12v deep cycles.

    However im tempted to buy one of the new 400 watt solar pumps that require no batteries. $1500 systems.

    The well we use for our house is in the lower 40 and is all electric. The new well is in the upper 40, above the house. Currently being used to only fill a 500 gallon stock tank.
    Do you do any rainwater catchment?

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    Do you do any rainwater catchment?
    Just a upper and lower pond. Maybe a acre between the two. Small frog and tulle ponds really, and the upper pond usally dries up every time we go into a drought. Though interestingly both have these crayfish that dig deep and hibernate during dry spells. The cat tails are also beneficial, it's a wild life magnet.

    Though my good naighbors have the deep ponds that I've never seen go dry. Many produce 8+ pond large mouth bass. And the Arkansaw river near by..

    Red muddy water is all around us.

    Of course we have rain barrels for our gutter system.
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