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Thread: Hardest part of trading?

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    What is the hardest part about trading forex?
    For me, it's my emotional IQ and response to my money being lost on a losing trade.
    Well, first time I've been starting trading - the hardest times were when I was looking for changes on the financial stocks I've been trading with.

    But then it's all changed, when I was ready to make total analysis of the whole trading system.

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    For me, itís the emotional pressure that it creates. Itís also the main reason why so many people fail to do well in the stock markets. I would say that temperament is the most important trait of successful traders, way more important than brains or knowledge. Donít get me wrong, being smart and knowing a lot certainly helps in this business. But it all comes down to emotions. What you do and how you trade when your portfolio is down a lot in a single month or when you have an unusual string of losses determines your ultimate success.

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