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    Tough decision, but I just traded 100 ounces of palladium for 100 ounces of gold yesterday. Cost me $224 total. Gold is a long term hold and not subject to market supply and demand nearly as much. I bought the PAL at $320 several years ago, and I suspect there could be a sell off soon. Sold at $1,355. It is also possible, if a PAL deficit happens it could climb higher. I still have another 100 ounces of PAL in reserve, if that occurs. I suspect the auto industry will soon move to Platinum, as that is over $500 an ounce cheaper right now. If that happens, PAL should drop to $600? It is all a guess, but I can sleep good with my extra gold.

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    I think you have done well.

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    Sounds like a good move to got some cheap gold....hope to do the same with my platinum in a few years
    One in a million...GNR ...sums it up nicely

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