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    Quote Originally Posted by maxwellsilverhammer View Post
    how the heck do these newbees get themselves banned full so darn quickly? lolz... byebye
    mod tested him positive for covid-19

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayjay View Post
    They are Russian agents trying to meddle in the US elections.
    stack away if that is your motivation. you should be able to learn a good deal here, just remember to dydd and take information here with the proverbial grain of salt. max.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Borislav Bereza View Post
    Hi guys. Unfortunately I did not find the "introductory" topic, so I say hello here. My name is Borislav, I am from Ukraine. I work in the IT field. Thanks for letting us join your community.
    Hello Borislav. Welcome. I’ll start you out with a questions and, perhaps, an assignment. If you bump into the Chairman of the Board of Burisma Holdings, please ask for me....Considering ALL the other “qualified” candidate choices Burisma Holding had to choose from to fill a board seat, what was it he expected by choosing Hunter Biden? What value did he think Hunter would provide?

    I hope you enjoy your stay and experience here and I hope also, we learn much from you.
    Who are the righteous? ....Markpti

    What value did Burisma think to gain by hiring Hunter Biden as a Board member vs ALL other choices?

    Those who cannot articulate the other argument do not fully understand their own argument.

    "Much can be done by wise legislation and by resolute enforcement of the law. But still much more must be done
    by steady training of the individual - in conscience and character...." .......T. Roosevelt

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