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Thread: Are New Central Bank Gold Purchases Telling Us Something?

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    Default Are New Central Bank Gold Purchases Telling Us Something?

    Investors should pay attention to the latest uptick in central banks’ gold purchases, as these institutions have historically bought gold on the dips, said Jeffrey Christian, managing partner of CPM Group.
    “Central banks are more price sensitive than private investors, so they’ll buy on the dips whereas a lot of private investors only buy when the price is rising,” Christian told Kitco News on the sidelines of the Silver & Gold Summit in San Francisco.
    Additionally, gold purchases signal that central banks are ready to hedge their U.S. dollar exposure, Christian said.

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    Yes, the central banks are net buyers of physical gold.

    They like to buy it on the cheap, so they take gold price down in
    the paper (futures) markets. So when you see the price of gold going
    down in the paper markets, wonder how much physical gold have
    the central banks acquired.

    Why do the central banks buy gold ? Probably for what is coming for the dollar
    and for the whole monetary system.

    Here you have very solid and professional data for the gold business.

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    Some central banks have not had an audit of their gold reserves
    for many decades, in spite of the pressure to do so.

    The Reserve Bank of Australia had to yield to the pressure and publish
    their gold holdings. Good example to follow !

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    Whatever they're telling us is falling on the deaf ears of Wall Street banksters and TPTB.

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