Robert Kiyosaki, famed author of the New York Times bestseller "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," does not consider gold an “investment,” but rather, the only form of currency he considers “real.”
His new book, "FAKE: Fake Money, Fake Teachers, Fake Assets," due for release in April, 2019, documents the difference between real and fake assets, and he likens gold to “God’s money,” a tribute to the yellow metal’s origins as a naturally occurring element.
“Long after you and I are gone and all that’s left is God, I promise you, the dollar will not be here, the yen will not be here, the euro will not be here…I doubt crypto will be here if everything else is gone, but anyway, I’d rather have God’s money than man’s money,” Kiyosaki told Kitco News.
Kiyosaki noted that there is no scenario in which he would abandon his holdings on gold.
“I’m not an investor in gold. I hold gold. Gold is real money. Gold is God’s money. Gold is foundational money,” he said.
On cryptocurrencies, the best-selling author said that while bitcoin may not last forever, blockchain could still be around.
“Blockchain is going after the dollar, fiat currency. The real threat to fiat currency is blockchain,” he said.
Kiyosaki added that blockchain investors should be as knowledgeable as possible before buying cryptocurrencies, as they should with any other asset.