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Thread: Getting very Late in the Game...

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverone View Post
    Well, again to me.. as I see it..
    it's ALL Fake Manipulated s#it... but what do I know right?
    Then why do we focus any attention on it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dukadan View Post
    Then why do we focus any attention on it?
    it's up to Each person Individually to decide
    what they want to focuse on.
    this BIG Election coming up on Tuesday for Instance..
    is it really gonna matter that much?

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    The US economy hit it out of the park in October. Rapid economic growth continues to fuel a labor market that delivers the enviable combination of job growth, labor force growth, and now faster wage growth. So far, this also continues in a low inflation environment. The Fed, however, doesn’t believe that situation will continue forever in the absence of tighter monetary policy. Furthermore, investors are now more sensitive than ever to recast growth rates and determining if we are at "peak" earnings. From there, the subsequent question becomes which forward P/E ratios should be applied to equities. We should expect the Fed to continue hiking rates on their path to neutral and continued interim volatility in the equity markets as corporates report incremental margin pressure due to rising real wages and material costs -- the later of which is being driven by an overall favorable macroeconomic backdrop as well as artificial influences, such as tariffs. How these all come together to impact productivity, profit margins, and inflation will be interesting, as naturally these forces have material influences on stock valuations.
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    The answers are in the data

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    Nice rout today. Their go those rate hikes. Many different predictions, JP Morgan says inflation will drive the rate hikes though.

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    Well thank god we have a business man "running" the US. What a train wreck, just like all his previous businesses. Too bad the Canadians don't want us to defect to Canada. LOL Stack on!
    Buy Low Sell High

    Keeping it simple with the Eagles, Maples and Krugs....

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    To stay on topic, I wanted too see how many new businesses with employees have started and old businesses closed with employees in the USA.

    Seems it would be a easy since every employer has to by law and force has to have a FEINumber and that number is what the IRS uses for collecting their FICA taxes and other controls.

    So the info should be easy to get. But I can't find it anywhere on the net. Just rubs salt in our eyes.
    Small business is the incubator of employment. As it declines, so too do opportunities for first jobs, second chances and economic independence.

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