I can't believe that some people fell for that zero inflation line by our sleepy Joe. He meant a zero (or near zero) rate of change in the inflation rate, of course. But that doesn't translate into stable pricing for goods. Even if inflation drops from 8+% to let's say 6.5% that just means that the rate of increase in pricing that goods are going through has slowed down, not stopped or reversed. So prices are going up, but less fast. You are going broke slower. If it wasn't for the slowing economy driving down demand for oil then gasoline would not be dropping at all. That's the only thing hiding the increases somewhat from people. When winter heating bills hit there's going to be squealing like you've never heard before from the very same people that just voted to put the same jack a$$es back into office that were in charge of this mess. Even with the now somewhat less expensive than it could have been heating pricing.

Coffee at my local supermarket has gone from $5.99 (store brand) last year to $9.99. Folgers or Maxwell House is $12.99 on sale and $14.99 a (plastic) can full price. Crappy Banquet breakfast sausage was often 10 for $10 on sale last year, now $2.50 each. Cod fillets used to be $5.99 to $7.99 and are now $12.99 or more. Freaking king crab prices are so scary high that I figure there's no point in even thinking about buying them for special treat. Last quoted price at my fish monger was $69.99/lb.

Zero inflation my A$$.