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Thread: Many should have listened

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    The folks who bought gold at 1800 or silver at 48 are also down in portfolio value. That doesn't mean that gold and silver are done, over and out, nothing but carnage. They're just down from the highs, like Bitcoin.
    We don't have to go further than these boards to find members, even mods, who got caught up in the euphoria of the pos being $48, or the price of bitcoin being $18000. As far as bitcoin goes, it made sense and was forecast at the time by me that the big boys would wait until Bitcoin declined to 5600-9200 before taking their positions. That low price could happen any day now, which might be a good time to buy(DYODD). The general 5600-9200 range has been with us for a few months now, as forecast.
    Uh yeah, the guys who bought at 48 and seen it drop to 15 did experience carnage. They lost the liquidity, if they ever want to break even that money must stayed tied up in silver til it rebounds....could be decades. I think Bitcoin was a bubble that popped...may not disappear forever but lower prices then we are at now even may be around for a long long long time....and for the people who borrowed money to buy Bitcoin....and many did.... CARNAGE.

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    i could have sold at about a 50% profit on etherium, ripple, cardana but held and it dropped, when it got back to my buying point i sold at break even. i traded for an 8cent coin in its early stage and have to stay put there for who knows how long. on the very down side, i bought into litecoin averaging $166 per coin and should have sold a couple months back at $185. now its under $100. Unlike, my bullion holdings that i do not sell, whenever, if ever, litecoin gets back to $150 it is gone. and my dabbling in most alt coins is at an end. I sold my various mining stocks recently as well. cashing out of all but precious metals, cash holdings and may even sell off a few of my collectible military rifles collection.
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