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Thread: Crypto Miners: Another Way To Leverage Crypto Investments

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    Default Crypto Miners: Another Way To Leverage Crypto Investments

    [size=3]Kitco’s Daniela Cambone visits HIVE Blockchain Technologies’ (HVBTF:US) mining rigs in Iceland, which mines mainly Ethereum.
    According to Sam Pelaez, chief investment officer at Galileo Global Equity Advisors, investing in a crypto miner is similar to buying a precious metal miner.
    “If you have a lot of operational leverage when you buy into a mining facility. [The crypto miners] get the tokens, their margins are roughly 80%, but the reality is, you’re getting the tokens at a discount,” Pelaez told Kitco News. size]

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    Investing in crypto miner is like a buy Antminer right? every time the difficult of block miner always increases. We need better and more efficient engines. And need a lot of cost too.

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    Turn the power off and they'd all go broke but it wouldn't even have to be source power, take down a communication line and the games over

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    some things just shouldn't be done

    They are going to increase this facility, which is currently using 2 MW power to a facility that uses 44 MW power

    Cryptos, if the world were a newer order?
    No Thanks

    and as Dutch said, what a waste of some perfectly good electricity
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