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Thread: Rhodium Future

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    Rh swinging downwards again.

    Rhodium is used in petrol cars and not diesel cars. As dirty diesels are being done away with companies are now producing more petrol cars.
    In Europe most new cars sold in the last 10 years have been diesel. Governments gave people good deals to buy diesels ( cheap road tax, scrappage schemes ect.) Now these same government's which basically forced many people to buy diesels cars are banning them. It was nearly impossible to buy a petrol car as dealers only stocked diesels and you had to special order a petrol

    So there is going to be a big space in the market that will be filled with petrol cars hopefully driving a bigger demand for rh.

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    its all a b i g guessing game ... up a hundred or two in a week or so and then down the same amount the following week or so. no one can give a best guess on rhodium. it is something i like seeing go up for the eventual day i decide to sell, but do not like when going down because i think at least today that i will not be buying any more??? i just cannot decide. I will not take usd from my regular cash flow to buy more, but i still may sell some platinum or silver should the time come that either of those get a good boost upward where i can actually sell some and take profits to buy more rhodium. if i dont see gains on the other p m's then if the price of rhodium should skyrocket towards 4k 5k or higher, i will seriously consider dumping the rh i hold and take profits and walk from the rhodium platform a happy guy regarding p m choices for a change. my ultimate goals have been and will continue to be AU for the win for future generations

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