“As GOLD goes, so goes Explor Resources.” Donny’s latest tweet put a shake into GOLD yesterday, realizing US$1,365/ounce, but alas, by day’s end had drifted back to the low $1,350’s, another tease to all us GOLD bugs. Chartists, & analysts, have drawn a line in the sand at $1,375. General consensus suggests that breaching & holding above that price will signal a strong move upward. The Kitco 5&10year charts www.kitco.com/charts/livegold.html appear to be getting bullish, and look very promising moving forward. SO…WHAT? Well, the higher GOLD trades, the more the Central Pit of the Company’s Timmins Porcupine West (TPW) GOLD Deposit is worth. In the Dr. Allen Alper www.metalsnews.com interview at the recent PDAC, he was blown away by the value of the 250,000ounce potential of US$300million, based on US$1,200ounce. Should GOLD hit $1,400, or beyond, obviously the proposed dividend payable to shareholders, will be exponentially higher. That must also, surely, be on the minds of the prospective financiers Dupont has been busy working with. So, I picked up another bunch of shares yesterday, and will probably pick up more at these severely depressed prices.
I’ve heard the final flotation tests on the TPW core samples have been completed, so the metallurgical testing phase is finished. The lab is preparing its final results for the Company’s Directors, and I believe we will see a NR speaking specifically to this, and the impact the deposit’s metallurgy has on GOLD recovery rates, and cost estimates at the TPW. Obviously, this essential insight will be invaluable to the financiers, as they prepare their proposals.
Please don’t allow yourself to be fooled by the daily, & ongoing quotes for Explor Resources provided by the banks, which suggested 119,200 shares traded at .035, making the stock appear weak. Save the following link… https://www.stockwatch.com/Quote/Det...l=EXS&region=C. There you can clearly see a variety of sub-boards to the Toronto Venture Exchange. The actual volume yesterday was 2,208,300 shares, last at .04, on 52 separate trades. That tells me that interest in the equity appears to be growing…
With another inexpensive, important acquisition, Dupont clearly sees a major profit for shareholders as GOLD, & Base Metals move higher, firmly believing we will breach previous highs in the foreseeable future. The NR of April 11 is both comprehensive, and promising. I encourage everyone to read it for themselves http://explorresources.com/assets/do...4-11-NR-EN.pdf.