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Thread: Nearly half of ICO's failed:

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    Default Nearly half of ICO's failed:

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    Quote Originally Posted by oak333 View Post
    but only 5% of winners can make your rich

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    Pioneers often fail, as the visions are short sighted - or with crypto, copied.

    Daimler introduced a coin to reward eco driving. Kodak coin coming, and a football player recently put one out in his name. Some are using the coins to connect with their fan base or customers. Block chain will find it's purpose, or purposeful uses, humanity needs to get over this hump, thinking everything has to bring money.

    We probably will never get a cryptohug, although I can see the draw, thanks to social networks isolating us all from each other it would likely be a winner.

    That is until someone gets hurt. Still, we are heading towards monetization of the strangest things.

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    I get crypto/blockchain adverts all over the riles me up "Bunny token" PONZI scheme and some other a-holes in suits babbling about blockchain companies.

    Well.........BLOCK ....CHAIN.........around ankle and into the river, that's more like it
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