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Thread: Trumps tax cut will not help main street

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    Still waiting on the Democrat plan.....
    What's the Frequency, Kenneth?


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    Quote Originally Posted by redraspberry View Post
    Still waiting on the Democrat plan.....

    They are both the same... You are led to believe you have a choice.
    Both delusional

    Debt debt debt....

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    No debt to speak of here.
    What's the Frequency, Kenneth?


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    Quote Originally Posted by redraspberry View Post
    No debt to speak of here.

    Same here....atleast there is 2 of us......LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silver and Gold View Post
    There goes that $1.50 a week Ryan was so proudly touting. What a joke these politicians are. Does anyone believe the sh-t they speak??????????? Higher monthly bills(Cost of living) will eat up any wage increases.

    Trump reportedly endorses 25-cent hike in gas tax to pay for infrastructure plan

    US producer price index up 0.4% in Jan, as expected
    Prices accelerated in January, offering more evidence that inflation pressures were building up.
    Prices were boosted by strong gains in the cost of gasoline and health care.
    The Labor Department said on Thursday its producer price index for final demand increased 0.4 percent last month.

    Trump's gas tax would wipe out 60% of tax cut benefit for individuals, analyst estimates

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    As I said the tax break will not help main street. It was all about the rich getting richer

    Paul ryan touting how a women is getting a $1.50 a week more... Didn't hear him say a word about about any of his buddies scores

    Warren Buffett: The new GOP tax law benefits Berkshire and acts as a 'huge tailwind' for businesses

    Berkshire's net-worth increased last year to $65.3 billion, with $29 billion of that coming from the change in tax law.

    Main street women $1.50 x 52 = $78..............Friend Buffet $557,692,307 x 52 = $29,000,000,000

    Thanks for the speech on how happy main street is Mr. Ryan

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    Hey Ryan how is the tax cut working out for these people??????????????

    Your property taxes just jumped by more than 50 percent. Now what

    The downside of skyrocketing home values and higher demand: rising property taxes.
    In one neighborhood in Jersey City, New Jersey, the average tax burden will rise to $29,026 from $16,591, an increase of nearly 75 percent.
    The new tax law caps deduction on state and local taxes at $10,000.

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    Do you think your property taxes won't rise if you house values don't change? Property values are supposed to be a way to apportion the needed taxes across property owners. So if your house drops in value and your neighbors house goes up, your taxes should adjust accordingly. But in most places, they take the "needed revenue" and divide by the total property value in the county. That sets the base levy rate. If property values are going up faster than needed revenue, the levy rate will go down (but tax dollars still go up). If property values are dropping, the levy rate will need to increase just to bring in the same revenue and really increase if they need more.

    The problem with property taxes is that local governments have an insatiable appetite for money. It doesn't matter if property values are increasing or decreasing. These cities in NY, NJ, and California should have economies of scale and be more efficient. But really, they have more bureaucracy, more rules, more "help the disadvantaged" policies, so they are less efficient than smaller places that don't even try to do these things.

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    Many never learn....Feel bad for the people that are buying in the top of of this market......Many will be underwater again

    Real estate economist: Home prices are increasing twice as fast as income growth

    The major constraint in the housing market is the lack of supply, MBA's Mike Fratantoni says.
    That's driving home prices higher and adding insult to injury for homebuyers with stagnated earning power, he says.
    This appetite for housing comes even before the peak of the millennial generation reaches first-time homebuyer age, Fratantoni says.

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    Tax cut riches have gone to execs and investors over workers by nearly 3-to-1 margin

    Companies dedicated $305 billion to share buybacks and cash mergers compared with $131 billion in wage growth in the first quarter, according to TrimTabs.
    The allocation tilts decidedly in the favor of executives and shareholders versus workers.

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