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Thread: Agstackers Reunion Tour

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    RIP AGSTACKER I trulu had no Idea till this evening God Bless him and his family Truly a neat person to have known I just was getting ready to try his old website and clicked on 100OB name and found this news Fun days those were watching silver almost go to 50.00 sadly sold 2/3 of the stack @ 32 but If Silver can get busy her in a couple years would be fun to be a part again Thanks to everybody that was a part of the run may Silver Shine Brightly again !


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    Very Sad news indeed, I miss Steve and Scott (mojo) a lot. I loved visiting them, and all you guys at agstock of course.

    I hope Freedoms business has been build up again and things are great. I hope 47p is still educating everyone. And I hope all is great with all you guys.

    We were a great team!


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    First time on here in a long time, both happy and sad at the same time. RIP Steve, condolences to family. Happy to see some of the old familiar names from the old site. It was because of you people there that my stack ever started....l remember a thread of how many ounces was everyone sitting on and how much was enough. l believe it was Steve who mentioned a "general number" and recall thinking............not happening in my lifetime. I was wrong and l know it was the shared knowledge and support from the group that allowed the accumulation of what l once thought was impossible. When Ag was really rocking l had about 1/2 friends and family starting there own stacks. Since then l have bought every last one of them out.......makes you wonder, it does, but l still have my first purchase. Very nice to see familiar names even though l never made Vegas, your posts gave me a sense of familiarity. As far as Nola goes........its like she dropped off the edge of the world.... knowing her, she might have tried! Never met her but the threat was real concerning getting together for coffee as she only lives/lived about 20 minutes down the road from where l call home, but it never materialized. Tried tracking her and hubby down a couple of times, but its a big world when get out of the chat room!

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    We MUST go back in time to where we had personal responsibility; not continue to be led into liberal slavery

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    Condolences to all.

    May their silver go to all who follow, and their stacks grow forever.

    Stacking is a lifestyle, not an act.
    "Compulsory altruism is none too altruistic." - me

    "All of us necessarily hold many casual opinions that are ludicrously wrong simply because life is far too short for us to think through even a small fraction of the topics that we come across." -- Julian Simon

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    Checking back in with all the agstackers…war drums are beating louder and louder in Eastern Europe…PM safe haven has pushed gold over $2k today, all metals are climbing…life takes us in surprising directions when we least expect….I’m working now for one of the largest medical cannabis companies in the U.S. such a cool opportunity to use my skills to help “grow” this company into the largest!

    Hope everyone is still stacking and being safe from harm and enjoying good health!

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    We are still around and carrying on. Very unfortunate/sad situation in Ukraine presently, hopefully peace comes soon.

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    Default Silver Premiums

    Was looking at the Silver price premiums and decided to go ahead and pick up some more Silver locally . It seemed a lot of the Silver websites do not have near the same amount of silver a year ago .


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