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Thread: Agstackers Reunion Tour

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    Testing photobucket 4x

    EMAIL & IM

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo 20140426_170540_zps3afa2055.jpg"/></a>

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    Default fooling...looks like photobucket is no longer free...
    so, whats the best FREE way to post pictures on here now?

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    Freedom, I've been using imgur with good results since photobucket screwed us over.

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    Default Ag reunion, bars, friends and cellibrations of life

    "Where are all my old Agstacker website friends?
    Seems like the band broke up after the loss of our Stack Daddy...

    Hoping to see some familiar names pop in to say hello!
    unless your still banned from posting here!!! LOL "

    Tito Sam here, sorry to hear of loss of Steve! I hope the dogs are eating well and his family is ok. Sorry I wasn't around toward the end, guess my ship was just passing another direction. Hi Freedom! Never been banned from here so no cheese.

    "It's been a while since I've been on the K...
    Glad to see a Stacker member " Yes Indeed

    Yes the 10 th day of Christmas and what a gift . I'm going to have to make some popcorn!

    Big Kel Ill have to check my numbers
    btw , This is Titosam

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    I had the cheese twice...i've learned to behave since then! LOL

    lets see if Imgur works...Yup!

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    Quote Originally Posted by High Chaparral View Post
    Passed it along
    Cody wishes a Very Merry Christmas too ...........
    Glad to hear Cody gets my greetings HC; oh those good old frolicking days .


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    So sorry to hear of the loss of Steve.Great guy.I hope the best to everyone from the old agstackers.
    This is my stupid opinion.Do your own due diligence so you may be assured of just how stupid it is..LOL
    ********** Rocco **********

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    Quote Originally Posted by silversafe View Post
    Longtime lurker; recent member still trying to learn the mechanics of the site. I have been accumulating silver for a few years and have learned a lot from reading posts here. I really miss the spirited discussions and also hope to see more from the members who used to contribute such good information and healthy banter. Hopefully not too many have actually been banned.
    One reason for loss of banter is whenever a newbie wants to start a conversation a few people will start discussing it ,then it will be mentioned that this was mentioned and highly covered years ago. So lets move this over to an 86 page topic that is 100 years old. Only being sarcastic, but new members usually go through all the same phases. I think a lot of people either are hanging dormant until enough madness seems to seep back and then start buying or people who stack occasionally and check out the latest trends and also measure the level of madness. When 30 people a week quote kingworld and the ratio is double that many people, then it is time to buy!!!

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    hello old friend! im into Bitcoin these days... what a remarkable tool for earning money... im glad to see you here, as for me, im hardly here for years... since i found crypto currency i have never been the same, lol
    sometimes one must go into the darkness to find the light...

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    It does get more interesting when the PM's are actively climbing or dropping in price and then those that try to determine where and why things are what they are start spinning tales..... I still drop in every evening just for entertainment factor usually and it is a lot more entertaining when the "characters" start coming in out of the woodwork..... :-)

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