When those that view gold as holier than thou throw in the towel, that's when famed investor Jim Rogers is stepping in. "For me, gold has not had enough corrections yet. There are still too many gold bugs," Rogers, chairman of Rogers Holding, said in an interview Monday. "When people say, I never want to invest in gold again, that is when I want to invest in it...When everybody is throwing it out the window, that is usually a good time to buy anything, including gold. So far, there are too many people that love gold." Gold prices are hovering around four-week lows as a more hawkish Federal Reserve has caused the U.S. dollar to strengthen. The price of the yellow metal has now tumbled about 7% in September. But the recent gold dip is still not low enough for Rogers. In a past interview with Kitco News, Rogers said $1,000 gold is his target.