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Thread: Where now for Rhodium?

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    [QUOTE=sandro1979;2598277]"Rhodium remains at a high level; Quiet Ruthenium market; Iridium buying interest still persists

    Rhodium remained remarkably stable over the entire week and continues to trade at a high level. Compared to platinum and palladium, rhodium is currently extremely robust. At present, support is coming from the investment side as well as from physical purchases from industry. The price is currently supported by a deteriorated liquidity situation which is also reflected in rising financing rates. Looking ahead, we expect no major change in the overall situation and thus continued stable prices."

    It's down ten bucks this morning.

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    Rhodium seems to be following cobalt price movement very closely:

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    Further rise in rhodium due to physical demand; significant increase in demand for ruthenium; Iridium market situation remains somewhat relaxed

    Rhodium’s consolidation which began the previous week, continued. Excellent physical demand from users and consumers, especially from Asia, stimulated a further price increase of $30. We are now approaching the annual high of 2017 and, should this strong industrial demand endure, we will see new annual peak prices in the coming week. In this regard, however, we should not overlook the investors who will, no doubt, keenly observe how the price continues to develop and also be able to play an active role in any further price increases.

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    Rhodium price rises to annual high; Continued high physical demand for Ruthenium; Iridium still rather sluggish

    Rhodium continues to be in demand, and continued good physical interest has caused the price to rise to a new annual high. Investors remain cautious with regard to potential sales, resulting in a further price increase of $ 30, which represents the highest price since mid-2015. Current interest is still wide-ranging and comes from Asia as well as from a variety of users and consumers, such as the chemical, catalytic converter and glass industries. We also believe that this trend is supported by the fundamentals and – provided no major sales are made on the investment side – should continue to have some upside potential. Turnover is higher than we have seen for quite some time.

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    Rhodium price continues to increase; Demand for Ruthenium continues; In spite of good revenues, the price is only moving sideways

    Rhodium’s movement during this month has been relatively unusual: the price has increased by more than 10% over a period of 4 weeks, without any countermovement. In the past, it has often been observed that higher prices led to profit taking and this meant that the price either moved sideways or came under pressure relatively quickly. As already reported in previous weeks, the movement, however, is based on higher physical demand and so far investors have shown little selling interest. With very good sales of gasoline engine vehicles, rhodium purchases remain at a high level. Increased demand has been observed in the Chinese market and also as a result of the turbulence in the diesel market because buyers are preferring gasoline engines over diesel technology, and therefore more rhodium is required than previously. Based on our experience, the opportunities for profit taking have reached a point where speculative market participants are becoming active. To date, as stated, however, this has not yet occurred and currently there are still no signs of it. But we know that this could change quickly.

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    Rhodium - Continuing Industrial Demand; Ruthenium – Physical buying interest persists; Iridium - increasing demand, but price moving only sideways

    Rhodium’s soaring flight continues. As a result of ongoing strong industrial demand, the price rose by a further 50 $/oz over the reporting week. Buyers are currently being found in a variety of industries, with the automotive industry clearly being the main driver of this movement. The chemical industry continues to be active with various areas of application and is contributing to the rising price. Mines and secondary producers are understandably among the sellers, although the available quantities are limited, which in turn justifies the rising price. In principle, these circumstances lasted throughout the week, so there was no change at all in the current market environment. To date, investors have made practically no appearance as buyers.

    Our experience tells us it is becoming less likely that this scenario will continue for a long time, because the price has already risen for the fourth consecutive week without any counter-movements. However, at the moment there is still a very good level of physical demand despite the high price.

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    Rhodium - Remains at a high level; Ruthenium - Remains in demand; Iridium - Holds stable

    During the reporting week, Rhodium rose only slightly compared to the past 4 weeks, and it appears to have stabilized for now at the current price level. However, demand remains very strong, and there is still no sign that investors might dispose of their stocks to take profits, thereby putting pressure on the price. On the contrary, despite the relatively high price, additional speculative purchases can even be observed. With strong demand from the automobile industry—the result of Dieselgate—but also from the chemical industry, the situation now presents an outlook that is fundamentally quite positive. While there is availability from primary and secondary production, it is definitely not high enough to meet the current overall demand in the short term. Therefore, we continue to assume that the price will remain stable and possibly even rise further.

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    Rhodium - Sales of rhodium strong price remains at a high level; Ruthenium - Industrial purchasers continue to focus on ruthenium; Iridium - Increased sales of iridium

    The assumption we made in our last report has been confirmed: Although the rhodium price has barely moved over the past two weeks, turnover remains at a high level. As in recent weeks, demand continues to be very high mainly as a result of physical purchases in the automobile and chemical sectors. Some hedging was also observed. Naturally, the sideways movement of the price led to a highly competitive market and the ranges were correspondingly lower. While mines and secondary producers are helping to keep the price from rising further at present, we do not think the price will decline in the medium term even if larger sales positions fail to materialize.

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    Price of rhodium continues to climb; Ruthenium sees a sharp price rise; Iridium holds stable

    After rising quite modestly throughout the month of September, there was another sharp price increase for Rhodium at the end of September/beginning of October. Buyer interest continues to come mainly from the automobile and chemical industries, confirming the trend of the previous two and a half months. There continues to be little impact on the investor side. Based on the relatively strained liquidity situation, we think there is very little downward leeway on the price side.

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