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Thread: Where now for Rhodium?

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    Rhodium is mined purely as a byproduct of the other platinum group metals. When demand for the PGMs goes down, less PGMs are mined and less rhodium is available for the market, even though demand for rhodium remains stable. I suspect that the slump in demand for PGMs has meant that less rhodium is being mined. I expect rhodium demand to remain strong so long as the new emission standards are being put into effect in Europe and China. As you may know, rhodium is the only metal that is capable of reducing nitrogen exhaust in catalytic converters. The new emission standards are stricter in regards to nitrogen pollution, so I expect demand for rhodium to remain stable for the foreseeable future. You'd think that the big companies would have stocked up on rhodium while it was lower, but I don't see any evidence that that is the case. Some companies may be buying in now in anticipation that buying now is still cheaper than buying 1, 2 or 5 years from now.

    I should also mention the political instability in South Africa may have something to do with it as well, since 80% of the world's rhodium is mined there.

    So maybe when platinum value goes up, rhodium will go down given it will have more supply? How high do you think Rhodium may go in the near future? Do you think Rhodium to platinum trade is the best one now - -or maybe wait a little longer as Rhodium is going to grow in value faster so long a platinum in the current dumps (with plat mining less profitable, little Rhodium gets mined).

    Given that analyst of big companies should know these trends better then us -- just surprised price was able to fall as low as $600/oz not to long ago. Or are amounts of Rhodium used so small -- $600 or $2000 per oz just not that big a deal to them, bigger things to spend time planning on?
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