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Thread: Three best and worst performing commodities of 2016 and 2017

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    Palladium Panic-Bid To Record Highs As Shortage Fears Mount

    Palladium was up 55% in 2017 - the best performing commodity in the world - and if the first two days of this year are anything to go by, 2018 will see a repeat.
    Palladium inventories in warehouses tracked by Nymex shrank 25 percent in December, capping a fourth straight annual decline, the longest streak since 2000.

    Amid shrinking inventories and still strong (credit-fueled) auto production (and sales), Bloomberg reports the metal used to curb pollution from gasoline-fueled engines climbed to a record on the New York Mercantile Exchange as the dollar weakened for a fifth straight day.

    Palladium production will continue to lag behind consumption until at least 2022, Morgan Stanley analysts forecast in a report Dec. 11.
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    Quote Originally Posted by speakerdude View Post
    ha ha

    My previous boss (married into a Muslim family) said that was his Peace Plan for the Middle East..... fly over and drop bacon everywhere. They will start eating it and say " Hey this is crap is excellent! we've been lied to all along" and they will stop fighting and eat pork....
    This is a good plan - for sure. To ensure it's maximum effect, however, he should include some lettuce and tomatoes and some toast - lots of butter and mayo ( (Hellmanns - for maximum effect)
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    Hello, The Bloomberg Commodity Index, which is a diversified benchmark for commodity investments, gained 10%. Uranium ended the year down 41%.
    Thank you

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    Jeffrey Gundlach sees a big rally in commodities;

    "Whenever you have a late cycle going into the front end of a
    recession, you have a massive rally in commodities."

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    Commodities in up swing. Time to own commodities:

    My note: aluminium companies like Alcoa are doing fine, in a strong uptrend.
    There are commodities ETF's like IYM...

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