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Thread: Three best and worst performing commodities of 2016 and 2017

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    Default Three best and worst performing commodities of 2016 and 2017

    Can You Guess The Worst & Best Performing Commodities of 2016 & 2017?

    So what is 2017 looking like?

    “When I feel the heat, I see the light.”

    ― Everett Dirksen

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    Copper didn’t even make the list. Ha.
    I wish a buck was still silver, back when the country was strong. -The Hag

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    Neither did Zinc, but had to do better than 71% to make the top 3 list in 2016.

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    Zinc will make the top 3 commodities in 2017.Think Tinka Tkrff . -Zinc 1.25$ a pound projected to top>$2.00.LME inventory looks like it's falling off a cliff.
    Tinks projected to double in the next two months

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    “When I feel the heat, I see the light.”

    ― Everett Dirksen

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    Thanks Red. Nice charts.

    Yuuuup, knew I shoulda bought me a nice lean hog or two.

    Up here they are having a problem with a virus that affects hogs. Pork prices have risen the last while. your own Health Care System... grow your own and eat well

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    The huge impact of EVS (Electric Vehicles) on commodities demand:

    Looks like lithium is a winner but the picture is not complete
    without the huge sources of supply for lithium.

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    Copper is up from about $2.70 per pound at the beginning of the year to $3.16 today, about 17%.

    Lithium and Cobalt - used in the batteries of smart phones.

    But it appears that more lithium is used in Electric Vehicles as the previous post says.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redraspberry View Post
    bacon will never go out of style or favor

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    ha ha

    My previous boss (married into a Muslim family) said that was his Peace Plan for the Middle East..... fly over and drop bacon everywhere. They will start eating it and say " Hey this is crap is excellent! we've been lied to all along" and they will stop fighting and eat pork....
    Just because it is legal, does not mean it is right.....

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