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Thread: Palladium is on fire

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    It is risky to buy Palladium now, I'm still hold my money and wait.

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    All PM's are risky. Life is risky. Pd looks ready to reach new highs but what do I know.

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    Check now its price, It's still going up.

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    PM dulls today, Pd, Rh shiny today

    seem metals with monetary valuation did the worst today
    metals with intrinsic value did well today

    gold -9$
    silver -0.25$
    Pt -4$
    Pd +104$
    Rh +2000$
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    Sold some of my palladium at $1800 and $2260. Think I’ll just hold the remainder and see...

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    Took a few months but we got there, $2828.

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    hertz's 100,000 ev order confirmed the ev adoption,
    Pd has a long steep dive to go.
    Thief are busy stealing and scraping cat converter before no more to steal
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    Pd is just few bucks on par with gold price

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    Default AISC and use cases

    Palladium cost of production is $850 per oz? Spot $1700.
    Platinum cost of production is about the same maybe a bit more like $875 spot price $940
    Gold cost of production maybe $1100 Spot $1800
    Silver cost of production is $17 ish, Spot 22.....

    Palladium use case is eroding in investors minds
    Platinum too if you only consider the diesel use case, but may be below the cost of production AISC considering the fall in Pd.
    Gold is money.
    Silver is money near the cost of production.

    I am of the opinion that platinum and palladium are misused catalysts with much larger use cases....and that the use of them should be better served if they are successful with the hydrogen economy. I also think it is silly to store energy in batteries that require movement in cars. hydrogen combustion engines are better for that and could be the new hybrid vehicle if reversible fuel cells become the technology focus. But first large scale stationary plants of photovoltaic cells powering electrolyzers seem more immediate. Silver has a large overhang of supply but is useful for photovoltaics

    Bankers have large stockpiles of gold that need revaluation on the books to neutralize debt and return to sound money at realistic interest rates closer to zero when they are successful. Low real inflation, low real interest rates, low real taxes, stabilized prices, and a shift from growth in consumption to efficient deployment of resources toward clean production of essential goods.

    The new mantra of economy should have growth sustainability replaced by other concepts like reduced consumption, lower waste, durability, resilience, and above all adaptability.
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    Are the russians dumping metals in preparation for trade sanctions??

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