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Thread: Fractional Silver, what am I missing?

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    yes, agreed, folks with little expendable cashflow could relatively easily find a pre 65 rooseveldt or mercury dime or 3 for a three to four bucks at a time each week or month and be acquiring it at face times a multiplier equating to spot. it would build up over time and they would not be paying one and a half to two times spot value as the fractional .999 is selling for. jmho

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    i just absolutely love constitutional coinage and get it as often as i can with low to no premiums. i did just jump on the pony and pay a bit of premium on a bunch of silver dollars though. every once in a while i just get that urge and it feels good to me to have real money in my possession. still only payed about 16 each though. even though they are cull, i think they will be much more valuable some day and possibly in my lifetime still.

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    I remember one time at LCS, getting the lecture about preppers love 40% half dollars, but somewhat poor investment potential, etc. But, at least the silver content is a near round number as in .1479, I see the draw. Good to have on hand I guess, stacking copper cents was big back when copper went up too. I also recall the divisible rounds being popular back during when Ron Paul words were falling on deaf ears and the banks were getting bailed out. With the amount of old coin available it's obvious why divisible silver bars or rounds never took off, still like the valcambi 1*100 bars myself now that they are cheap, sure you pay 33/0z. currently, but outside of 90% it's the cheapest fractional available and it's not like you would need allot of it. Yah go to India, anywhere that they use metric and they most likely sell/trade by weight vs. denomination as they are more into jewelry, apparently bar/coin has tax associated with it.

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