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Thread: Stack to stack or do you have a method to your madness

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    I stack whatever the funds allow for at the time when the metals are getting hammered.

    I looked back just now at my receipts and the last time I bought silver was January 2016. The last time I bought gold was also January 2016; a Buffalo ounce for $994.79 with eBay bucks included. (Granted I bought some of the Mint's gold offerings like the 2016 anniversary 3 coin dime, quarter, and half during the year).

    But, I bought an ounce of gold today from one of the eBay retailers for $1,181.90 (free shipping and 1% cash back on my credit card). I found it in the Good Deals section.

    So my only strategy is buy, and hold for the long term when spot price is low. $1,181.00 seems kind of low for gold, so why not add another ounce to sit on for a couple decades? No real magic or prognosticating. Will it go lower? Maybe. Maybe I'll add another ounce with the Christmas bonus. Maybe if silver goes lower I'll add another 100 ounces.

    I'm not rocket scientist or chart guy when it comes to this. Just buy when it seems like a low price based on how it's been doing. That's my madness method.
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    I only buy stuff I don't have, preferably below 1600 a ounce Canuck bucks...for gold. Silver is just funny money
    One in a million...GNR ...sums it up nicely

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    Originally, in the 90's I started buying small amounts of 90%. In 2000 I began buying bullion coins and and a few art bars. Since then I've purchased rounds, generic bars, and minted 1 oz coins (eagles, maples, libertads) when I can obtain them cost-effectively. (online, auctions, trades) I'm in agreement with Captain regarding the GSR ... accumulate Ag stack, swap bullion for Au when favorable. With 90%, I simply accumulate for the very long haul, ... likely to leave it to my kids when the time comes.

    Stacking cash currently, awaiting an opportunity to further accumulate additional Ag bullion ... when the price allows me to lower my fully-loaded DCA.

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    When I first got the bug, I bought like a drunk man. First 50 ozs probably paid too much.

    Then I got steady. Would skip buying lunch, make it instead. Would plow the savings into an ounce or two a week.

    Now my silver is a different kind of savings account, that is more fun to play with.

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    .999 10oz bars at a time for me..pouring all my money into home debt right now but if it gets low 14 or under ill buy a bit, for gold doesnt have to be .999..

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    n Cali, anything under $1500 is subject to 8-9% sales tax so,
    I tend to save for a buy,
    wait for a dip.

    I stayed with ASE's being this is a LONG term insurance plan.
    I or family don't need to worry about any "funky/funny" rounds.
    Just straight up US Mint.
    If things ever get THAT bad,
    I got the real McCoy & will do better in an exchage.

    Yet, started thinking more about the round/bars.
    Prim's are a lot lower= more bang for the buck.
    Starting to like the idea of going 50/50 now;

    When price goes ape,
    I can sell the "junk" for profit.
    I can see a shortage because of an increase in demand.
    I'll sell the "junk",
    & buy something more tangible @ double the buying power
    in perhaps other things,
    yet keeping the ASE's as the insurance it was mentioned to be.


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    First I was into pure junk .999, then some slabbed ASE's, that didn't last long at all, then I got into searching $500 boxes of half dollars, did that for about 1.5 years, then I was into bars, mostly 10 oz., then I was into Panda's, 1 oz. silver slabs, then 1 oz. rounds. Then, with pullbacks in price over the last year or two I went for larger quantity buys, 1 oz. bars, 1 oz. rounds, and now I'm going through a 90% phase, halves. Metal prices are up a bit, made a few final buys here to meet my 1000 oz. silver goal, now I'm into a holding pattern. If silver goes up to 21/22 this year I'm going to sell up to half my physical stack and wait. Maybe if interest rates ever go back up metal prices might relax some, or more numismatic plays.

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    I stack mostly constitutional coinage nowadays when buying silver and old gold coins (european/mexico/south africa) for around spot when buying gold (although I do like the .25 and .5 oz AGE). Although my wife couldn't pass up a 100 oz englehard.

    I have sold MB's of ASEs to online sites. Sold canadian timberwolves and maples on ebay (back when the TW would go for over $50 and the maples for $30). Sold a rolls of maples to a LCS when I was just passing through. Sold a bunch of 1oz AGE's to my LCS.... Still need to test CL's for ease of sales.

    IMHO, you need to know how to stack and HOW to UNSTACK. I highly recommend selling something back to your LCS, sell on ebay, to an online PM dealer and through CL. If you don't know how to sell, what is the point?
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    WHOA whoa whoa!!!! Are you telling some time in the future...I gotta SELL this stuff? wtf? I thought I was stacking to outstack other people.

    I know what you mean though....It was fairly easy to sell in the last cycle. I just saw people paying way more than I thought it was worth at the time. Hopefully it will be at a price someday where I shake my head and sell them silver for a buttload of whatever currency is good at the time.

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    Seems i have been all over starting with 999 1 oz rounds to 90% then to 40% from there commemoratives then it was proof sets then mint sets from there scrap gold back to morgan and peace dollars Then wait for it back to 999 1 oz rounds In the end buy the deal buy what you like have fun.

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