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Thread: Stick With Gold Right Now, Volatility Coming Back Into Play In H2 - Stifel

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    Default Stick With Gold Right Now, Volatility Coming Back Into Play In H2 - Stifel

    Gold will likely continue to shine, especially in the second half of the year as volatility comes back into play, this according to Stifel Nicolaus portfolio manager Chad Morganlander. Speaking with Kitco News on Wednesday, he said he expects the metal’s longer-term annual returns to be between 4-6% over the next 5 years. ‘We are recommending a overweight in gold,’ he said. The yellow metal has been under pressure on heightened rate hike expectations, trading at two-month lows. December Comex gold last traded down $5 at $1,311.50 an ounce. ‘Investors should buy a pure play on the commodity (ETF) rather than individual miners,’ Morganlander added. He noted that gold miners are subject to equity risk and he prefers investing in the underlying metal instead.

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    This guy advises staying away from miners and getting into ETFs?!? Paper gold trading has been allowing anonymous entities to beat down the price of gold in massive after market trades. If gold prices are to increase as he forecasts then miners should do well, unless of course more and more "notional" gold keeps getting dumped. I am not buying this fellows advice at all.
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