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    It was a Fed reunion Thursday, with Fed Chair Janet Yellen and three of her predecessors speaking in a New York panel. In a rare occurrence, former Fed heads Ben Bernanke and Paul Volcker joined Yellen at the conference, with Alan Greenspan appearing via teleconference. The point? To assure us that the U.S. economy is on a solid course with perhaps some hints of inflation. Yellen stressed that the central bank is on track for further interest rate hikes this year. She even went as far to say that the labor market is now close to full strength and full of superpowers (ok…we added the superpowers part).

    "We remain on a reasonable path and I don't think December was a mistake," Yellen said, defending the bank’s first rate hike in a decade, at the end of 2015.

    The topic of the Donald also popped up. Republican presidential front-runner Trump has been highly critical of the Fed saying the central bank has contributed to fueling asset bubbles; to which Yellen replied, "I certainly wouldn't describe this as a bubble economy." Ho-Hum.

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    "I certainly wouldn't describe this as a bubble economy."
    Agree, when I hear bubbles, I think Mr.Bubble (a mid 60s thing)....and playing Navy in the bathtub..

    Yellen knows it's really a "huge stink bomb e-con-no-money." Just like the Hindenburg.

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