Gold prices were modestly lower ahead of the Easter weekend after managing to hit a four-week low overnight.

But, Kitco News’ technical analyst Jim Wyckoff says don’t underestimate the metal yet: “Don’t be surprised to see a bounce in gold prices Thursday, on some bargain hunting and ahead of the three-day weekend in many world markets and as there is still some risk aversion in the world marketplace.”

Meanwhile, Kitco’s global trading director Peter Hug notes in his morning commentary: “Going into the long Easter weekend, with markets closed tomorrow, I find it difficult to believe the market will not be tipped to the long side, given the current terror issues in the EU.

Robin Bhar, head of metals research for French bank Societe Generale appeared on Kitco News this week, reiterating the bank’s bearish call. He said that the recent gold rally looks unsustainable and noted, ‘It’s unlikely the U.S. will go into recession.”
In other gold news this week, The Donald’s comments on gold at Fort Knox were making the rounds on Twitter this past Tuesday. Republican frontrunner Donald Trump hinted at the idea that there just might be no gold in the U.S.

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