Hello Admins. Just my opinion. That new RSS feed you have posted seems a bit in overkill mode on a forum frontend. On my sites/forums frontend I have it running but as an option if my folks wanna join it I dont croak it to them. Pure option and not a eye sore distraction to them..(just me) Croaking never really works anyways in my experience.

Plus,,,that feed is just about kicking on the edge of destruction if you ask me (or my Admins/Mods/Users).

Everyone is running way better yapper feeds these days. Folks are tired of Old School,,They want new and improved, and RSS feeds are not one of them.

Just my opinion on the matter,,but I would dump it....Distractions deter memberbase activity and is a turn off...Just me as an Admin talking.

Kitco will always be a great site, and the forum is wonderful. If you need any help you are more than willing to ask.

Take care.