Apple versus the FBI, the Pope versus the Donald and Kanye West versus much of the world…it's been a steady stream of versus. What is the world coming to?

According to best-selling author Satyajit Das in an interview with Kitco News, he used a five-letter French word to sum it up (excuse his French!)….he also told us three things that will lead to a 'titanic' battle for gold prices.

On deck this weekend…the South Carolina primary this Saturday….no clue who will be victorious but three things are certain; Trump loves the word "disaster" (used 43x during his CNN Town Hall), Ted Cruz needs help with his Photoshop skills and Sanders still really, really, really dislikes Wall St.

We will be headed to the BMO Metals and Mining Conference and Gold Stock Analyst Day next week so stay tuned for exclusive coverage from top mining CEOs.

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