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Thread: Rhodium Outlook

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    No Rhodium available at Bairds just been on goldline and there’s none available

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    KitCo has some

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    New technology breakthrough for Rhodium, should be bullish for the price!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davidwd View Post
    New technology breakthrough for Rhodium, should be bullish for the price!
    whatever the hell that meant??? damn!!! in laymans terms? "we have a new good use for rhodium" lol

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    Very good support for Rhodium; Demand for Ruthenium boosts price further; Strong sales of Iridium

    Rhodium has remained remarkably stable for the past two weeks. It looks like the dramatic price drop at the end of October and beginning of November was just a course correction, as the price had previously risen too quickly and too sharply. The price increased again over the last three weeks of November by a respectable 250 $/oz. The automobile and chemical industries, in particular, look set to continue buying. The price trend for Rhodium and Palladium reflects the current state of the automobile industry reasonably well. The proportion of diesel engines is falling as customers flock towards gasoline engines. Because of the current interest rate situation and the somewhat limited metal availability, we believe that prices will remain firm for the time being. However, there could, of course, be setbacks and profit-taking at any time, as investors will obviously be following price developments, too.

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    Rhodium loses some of its momentum; Price of ruthenium continues to rise; Iridium remains very stable

    Rhodium has almost doubled in value in 2017, with the price increasing by 800 $/oz. during the year, which is impressive when you consider that the total price range in 2016 was just 200 $/oz. Physical demand, especially from the auto and chemicals industries, was extremely high, resulting in periods when the supply no longer met demand, which lead to panicked price spikes at times. During the reporting week, however, the price only moved moderately and continued good demand was met with relatively few problems. As a result, we do not expect there to be very much price-side movement over the last few trading days in December.*

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    Quote Originally Posted by midiman View Post
    I have been in the Rh club since 2009 or 2010 and since then I think my level of enthusiasm for it has followed the same trajectory as it's price. But I've still in it and not about to give up!!

    Rh has its days, some good and others bad, but this resurgence in activity leads me to believe that there is hope for the metal.

    Rh has never been for investors, it is mainly an industrial metal that is bought and sold for specific use. Therefore the price can stagnate and move in ways that you may not be accustomed to, especially if you are coming from the likes of Gold and Silver etc..

    I should have bought 10 more ounces when it was at $650.
    good information midiman. yes, as a newbe to rhodium, i need to just relax and let it ride. the swings are more than i have been used to with other p m's and i think i will just come back to revisit my Rh stack next year. lol

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    Good analysis. But there is one mistake in it. There is no substitute for Rhodium in 3-Way-Catalysts for gasoline powered cars (NOx reduction). In the past manufacturers just reduced the amount of Rhodium but it is already at the minimum.

    I think we will see the 3000 already end of this year...

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    Heraeus Precious Forecast 2018

    Risk of supply cuts could mean more price volatility in 2018

    The rhodium market is expected to tighten in 2018. The supplydemand
    balance showed a small surplus market during 2017 and
    the market is projected to be in equilibrium this year. Lease rates
    are high, indicating tight physical supply which is supportive of
    higher prices; however, stocks built up in China last year could
    limit demand in that region, so the price is projected to trade in
    a range between $2,100/oz and $1,400/oz.
    Rhodium demand is dominated by the automotive industry
    and use in autocatalysis represents over 80% of total demand.
    Developed markets are forecast to have lower automotive rhodium
    usage in 2018 because weaker car sales are anticipated in some
    countries, while China and other emerging markets have higher
    The China 5 emissions standard is being extended nationwide
    in China this year, resulting in higher metal loadings on
    autocatalysts and greater rhodium demand. However, overall
    global automotive demand is expected to dip slightly in 2018.
    Reliance on the auto sector is a potential weak point for the price
    as any disappointment in vehicle sales would hit demand.
    Rhodium’s industrial usage is likely to increase in 2018 as
    more metal is required for glass manufacturing, and use in the
    chemical industry is also set to rise modestly.

    Mine supply of rhodium is dominated by South Africa and as it
    is a by-product of platinum mining, the production cuts made
    in South Africa in 2017 will result in a drop in rhodium yield
    this year. Other regions that produce rhodium, including North
    America, Russia and Zimbabwe, are expected to see fl at rhodium
    output this year. An upside price risk for rhodium is the potential
    for further supply cuts in South Africa if some platinum mines
    remain loss making, which would reduce rhodium output.
    Growing numbers of cars that were bought in the mid-2000s,
    a period when rhodium loadings were relatively high, are
    reaching the end of their life, so rhodium recovered from spent
    autocatalysts is projected to increase in 2018.

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    civil unrest in african areas mining rhodium will probably not bode well for rhodium production inevitably causing price of rhodium to rise significantly. only metal holdings i have that are adding to my portfolio value regularly since last year.

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