No country on Earth now relies on a gold standard for its currency. But some candidates in the GOP are reviving the idea as part of their platform.

GOP candidate and Texan senator Ted Cruz has been the most vocal on the topic. During the October Republican presidential debate, he noted that that the Fed should be focused on “sound money and monetary stability, ideally tied to gold.”

Speaking of GOP candidates, this week famed newsletter writer Dennis Gartman was very vocal on THE DONALD. Gartman said earlier this week, that he is “dismayed” that GOP frontrunner Donald Trump has expanded his leads in both Iowa and New Hampshire. Read his comments to see how he thinks Trump is “very wrong” on “many” things.

Let’s put politics aside for one second, even though, it’s so much fun… In other news this week, the CME was shaken as the company saw its benchmark silver price disconnected from the actual price of the metal. According to media reports, the LBMA Silver Price -- a benchmark used by producers and traders to settle silver products and derivatives contracts – was off by 84 cents compared to Comex March silver futures Thursday morning.

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