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Just a thought, but I doubt any private mint supplying planchets would want to risk losing a gov't contract. Given that the weight & purity is guaranteed by the US gov't I just see this as another layer of security.

I hope all works out well for the op.
Yes the buy from someone with something to lose factor (Reputation / Business) …. Adds to your personal protection and from potential headaches.
Not necessarily doubting this or the other thread claiming JMB was also selling fakes but what’s next? Has to be the whale of all Retail Sellers the Worldwide Apmex also selling fakes?
I have my doubts on all of this but yea, buying from Reputable Dealers certainly (I guess within this thread we’d have to say usually) keeps things simplified.

Then again, we have others (within this very thread matter of fact) who are constant “flippers”, “hustlers (of physical PMs? there’s a Nickel n Dime strategy)” , “CList Hunters”, “Peer to Peer” Traders / Buyers etc …….
All Band of Gypsy, sounds like a Giant headache waiting to happen, you go on and have fun though …….. Personally myself, really wouldn’t, couldn’t and Don’t want to be bothered with all that.
I Prefer the No Doubt About, Sleep better knowing just that Route(s).