I had a similar experience with a coin shop. I gave my daughter a pendent that I made myself with a freedom Girl round from SBSS. I have never had a problem with SBSS rounds. I believe they are to small of issue for someone to attempt to go to the trouble of creating fakes. Anyway, I test every batch that comes in and had done an silver acid test on the batch I bought. I also did the Ice test and the magnet test. My reputation is on the line and I have NEVER had anything I Fabricated into jewelry come back to bite me. This coin shop tested my piece with a Gold acid test, and told her the piece was fake and offered a couple of bucks to her for it. I tested it again when she told me the story and it came back once again as totally authentic. I do know that this coin shop had recently opened and only stayed in business for about 8 months. so that is my experience.