Wowzers! T'is the season for a rebound? After hitting a 5.5-year low earlier this week, the holidays may have just come early for the yellow metal. Gold prices are now preparing to end Friday's session on a very upbeat note, with the metal up 2% on the day.

So what does today's price action suggest? Is gold disregarding the rate hike? Or was the hike priced in long ago, as many analysts suspected, and there is still worry about the economy?

We hope you enjoy this edition of the newsletter by reading about scientists that discovered a new type of gold "foam' that is …. 1000 times less expensive! And learn more on an entrepreneur's unique story about how gold saved her family out of Communist China.

This week, we also had former congressman Ron Paul on the program, with some surprising insights on the GOP, Donald Trump and gold market manipulation.

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