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Thread: Noble or Eagle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhodium_Cowboy View Post
    The big 'A' is selling 1 ounce Platinum Nobles on the bay for $1137 and 1 ounce Platinum Eagles for $1365.

    They may be paying $50 over for the Noble, but they are paying $200 over spot for random year Eagles.

    Which holds it value better in relation to spot price? Which has a larger pool of buyers?

    I learned a long time ago that you buy obscure coins because you like them, not because of liquidity.
    The OP stated the Eagle was $100 more than the Noble. If that's the case I buy the Noble. Selling to the big A you have to sell a minimum of $10,000 to get there price. eBay you have fees too. I'd rather pay closest to spot and sell for spot to a LCS.
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    For the record, I'm seeing buy back prices for the 1 oz Noble at $30 over spot, and the eagle at $50 over spot. If an eagle is $100 more then noble, the choice is easy unless you are getting an in demand eagle year/condition, or simply want it for your collection. For those who buy plat, the Noble is hardly obscure; it's like the Krugerrand of platinum bullion coins.
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