What a week it has been for gold as it ‘waltzed’ its way up to 3.5-month highs mid-week. The highs came down a bit, after a U.S. jobs data that showed jobless claims are now at a 42-year low.

It really is a Platinum Group Metals’ story in recent weeks with the VW scandal, which caused Nymex January platinum futures to drop more than 10% on the news before bouncing again. With ‘Dieselgate’ somewhat behind us, CPM Group’s Rohit Savant told Kitco News that the research firm doesn’t see more downside for platinum.

On the mining front, GSA editor John Doody told Kitco News this week, to expect more mergers and acquisitions in the sector, especially from Goldcorp.

For your weekend reads, take a look at Neils Christensen’s interview with fund manager Axel Merk on why he remains optimistic on gold, and Allen Sykora’s coverage on the shortage of silver coins.
Last but not least, in collaboration with the CME Group, Kitco News is headed to Vienna to cover this year’s London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) Precious Metals Conference.

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