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Thread: Precious metal mining companies.

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    Novo Resources.

    It has found a major gold deposit in Australia.
    Look how profitable a gold junior might be:

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    A miner that 'seems falling off a cliff when the rest of the market is rallying' always is a warning sign. Orange warning signs have been flashing for Primero Mining.
    A fresh article gives a round-up.

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    A list of metals and mining companies

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    Top paid positions at Canadian mines:

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    Performance of some gold mining companies:

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    It looks like gold miners could use better executives:

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    Analysts' estimates of earnings.

    Only Goldcorp might increase its earnings in 2018.

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    Gold went down a lot in the last few days. However, some gold miners
    went actually up, like Agnico Eagle, Franco Nevada, etc.

    In my opinion, that shows that investors do not believe much in gold
    going down. They probably know well how gold is taken down.

    It also shows that investors expect a rebound of gold price.

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    WPM, Wheaton Precious Metals, has the highest analyst recommendation:

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