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Thread: Does this forum have a pulse?

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    Default Does this forum have a pulse?

    So once again Im bored, and when I am I troll the net for info on and about Platinum, looking for tidbits to solidify my faith in this Metal. Interesting read here!

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    Looks like this article was from 2011. I think many are waiting to see if platinum continues its nosedive. In my opinion there's nothing like a good sale
    You look like I need a drink.

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    Platinum making its move? $1020 as I type...

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    I am a fan of platinum anytime it's cheaper than gold, and did not hesitate to make a couple small purchases when it was dancing around the $900 level. Too bad I missed palladium at $500 though which was a steal. Platinum was at a discount because of the VW scandal and speculation that it won't be as useful of an industrial commodity going forward, but I think the potential supply constraints around platinum are more relevant. However since it's not a monetary metal I still have a preference for silver being the better investment.
    Trading fiat currency for precious metals is not an investment. Rather, this amounts to disinvestment from currency mandated for tax purposes. Gold and silver are money. Currency is merely a medium of exchange.

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